In the other article in it is announced that after the investigation that lasted more than 10 years resulted in the identification of three victims (out of thirty) and 5 defendants (out of 13).
The author mentions the negligence and an inaction of the pre-trial investigators, because most of the trafficker are not prosecuted, they are free after the crimes they committed.
The story of Liza
Liza told about the party in which she and her friend Jolanta met Justas and Darius. These young men at first were polite and kind to them, but later brought them to a house and did not let them go out. The girls were shut in the house for a week, they were beaten and raped. Later the girls were taken to Taurage, where the other trafficker, named Zilvinas, waited for them. Zilvinas had to transport girls to Spain, there was one more trafficker – Rasius, who was accompanying them. The car was stopped at the border, they all were interrogated because the officers found out that the passport of Jolanta was forged. After the incident only three of them (without Jolanta) continued the journey.
The author notes, that there is a State Border Guard Service document confirming that Liza, Zilvinas and Rasius crossed the border that day, but there is no data about Jolanta at all.
Used to punish for nothing
Liza testified that she was taken to the night clubs to work as a prostitute. The owners of the night club „Night Club 88“ Angelas Peresas Galardas and Joakimas Romeras Alarkonas and the owner of the night club “2000” – Manola-Manuelis Salazaras Pelegrinas were very cruel. They forced to have around 10 clients a day, the girls had to satisfy every whim of the client. The girls had to pay the “debts” to the traffickers (around 6000EUR) also traffickers would take the money for the food, cosmetic and other things that the girls needed. The owners would pay 3000 EUR for the Lithuanian traffickers that delivered a girl.
The girls that struggled were cruelly beaten, strangled with a wire, traffickers also injected drugs and raped them. Liza told that the owner of the club Mandola is known to have killed a number of girls working as prostitutes.
Ruthless Lithuanian traffickers
Another trafficking victim Roberta told that Lithuanian traffickers were also cruel. They used to beat, strangle, kick girls. They also used to burn the hands and breasts with a cigarette, to drown in a bath and to rape in many ways.
Roberta told the investigators that she would no witness in trial because she is afraid that she could be killed. The author notices that the law enforcement did not work to guarantee her the anonymous witness status in the criminal procedure.
Migle testimony
The other victim Migle told that she and her cousin were taken to Spain, traffickers deceived that they would work in agriculture. Ultimately they were taken to the night club „2000“. The were forced to work as prostitutes and threatened to be killed. They were told that the girls that tried to escape were murdered.
Migle spent a year in the night club. Then one man redeemed “debt” for her and took to the immigrants integration center, where she learned Spanish and later found a job.
The investigation of this human trafficking case
The pre-trial investigation started in the summer of 2003 in Panevezys. The Panevezys regional prosecutors office prosecutor Ramūnas Vilimavičius was in charge of this criminal case. However he did carry out necessary procedural steps (he just collecetd the testimony of four victims and the four suspects were only obliged not to leave Lithuania), later in 2007 the prosecutor received disciplinary sanction, his position was lowered and soon after he quit the prosecutor service.
Later the case reached the Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau. The chief investigator Tomas Puskorius commented that there were a lot of mistakes made in the beginning of the pre-trial investigation that negatively affected the further investigation when the case reached the Bureau. The investigator also notes that the Spain was not willing to respond to the Lithuania legal aid requests.
The author highlights that some of the traffickers biographies reveal that they now are the solid businessmen or managers, some even graduated with the masters degrees.
The facts
The Spain Royal Court has found the owner of the night club “2000” Manola guilty of murders, gaining profit of prostitution and other, he was sentenced to 35,5 years in prison.
Two Lithuanian traffickers (A. Povilionis-Oncė from Panevezys and V. Povilionis) also were convicted and sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment.
Aurelija Zutautiene
Published on 09 December 2013